Complaints and Gratification

We have so much at our disposal that we forget.

I read a wide assortment of blogs, websites, and Wikis on a weekly basis. The subject matter ranges from photography to motorcycles to politics to whatever. In general, I run across good to great information and lots of opinions. So many opinions that it gets hard to find the facts. The information is hiding behind the facts and the facts are hidden behind opinion. Small but important distinctions are in those words.

In the worlds of photography and computers, you will find opinions that are explosively divisive about minutia. Not too long ago, I worked for Apple as a “Solutions Consultant.” In effect, I was a salesperson who worked really closely with Apple customers inside of a BestBuy store. I was the Apple employee in a sea of BestBuy blue. As some of you know and others can only imagine, Apple produces three types of reactions. On one side, you get those who hate the very idea of Apple. The believe Steve Jobs was the Anti-Christ and that all you pay for with Apple is image. In my experience, this is fully a third of consumers. On the other side, you get the Apple devotees who disavow that any other computer should even be called a computer. Any innovation made by Samsung of HP is half-baked in their view, and when that innovation is truly ready to see the light of day – Apple will deliver it fully formed in Athenian form. Until then, the stylus or keyboard or multi-tasking tablet screen is just a “gimmick.”

Down the middle, you get those who adopt some Apple products like iPods and iPhones, they may own one Mac laptop at some time. Most likely they work with Windows machines at the office. Their child may attend school in an “Apple” district. They know about Jobs, but don’t really get invested too much. These people were the most enjoyable. They had open minds to good ideas, but little tolerance for the high-brow party line that the Appleistas push.

One thing you found on both sides of the fence was the overwhelming propensity for people to tell you exactly what they think Apple should do next, how they should add this to the operating system, how they should make the iPad larger, or how they should have added more memory to whatever. They often announced these opinions before they really talked to you.

Part Two – coming

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